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Fall 2016 Semester

Special Guest Speaker




12/16/2016Zelong XieMetal Organic Frameworks and Their Derived Products for Carbon Dioxide
12/12/2016Sue-Jonnathane CelestinUnderstanding the effect of Spin-state on the Seebeck Coefficient of Iron Doped Barium Titanate (Fe-BTO) via Molecular Beam Epitaxy for high-efficiency thermoelectric applications
12/2/2016Negar H. Golshan

Xiaohua Geng

Removal of surface contaminants from SiC Substrate Using Thermally Generated Atomic Hydrogen

Coupled, Simultaneous Displacement and Dealloying Reactions into Fe-Ni-Co Nanowires for Thinning Nanowire Segments

11/30/2016Kanny (Run) Chang

Brian Lejeune

Cationic Self-Assembling Peptide Amphiphiles as Antibacterial Agents Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Structure-property relationships in AlFe2B2: A magnetofunctional layered system

11/9/2016Tagbo Niepa
University of Pennsylvania
Artificial Micronichesfor High Throughput Study of Microbial Communities
11/4/2016Joshua Gallaway
CUNY Energy Institute
Safe, Inexpensive, and Energy Dense Alkaline Batteries for the Grid Scale
11/2/2016Joel Plawsky
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Modeling Dielectric Breakdown and Predicting IC Device Lifetime
10/28/2016Gino Karlo Delos ReyesAdvancing Bio-Inspired Rosette Nanotubes as a Novel and Effective siRNA Delivery Vehicle for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
10/26/2016Mahboobeh Rezaeeyazdi

Gujie Mi

Semiconductor Nanoparticles as Potential Radiosensitizing Agents for Cancer Treatment

DNA-Peptide Nanotubes as Artificial Extracellular Matrices to Engineer Cell-Material Interfaces

10/25/2016Taylor Louise CarlsonCharacterization of Mucus Barrier Properties: Understanding Changes in The Presence Of Natural Stimuli and Onset of Disease
10/21/2016John Morgan
Purdue University
Metabolic flux analysis of photosynthetic organisms
10/19/2016Arthur Gonzales III

Yiwen Fan

Using Molecular Dynamics in Modeling Fluorescent Rosette Nanotubes

Synthesis and Self-assembly of PEGylated Rosette Nanotubes

10/14/2016Garima Bhardwaj

Stanley Chung

Nanostructured composite coatings to reduce bacterial infection on titanium orthopedic implants

Electrospun Silk with Selenium Nanoparticles Inhibits Bacterial Proliferation

10/12/2016Christopher Cogswell3-Dimensional Silica as a Test Case for High Amine Efficiency Solid Adsorbents
10/7/2016Jean M. Andino
Arizona State University
Chemical Engineering for Enhanced Environmental Sustainability
10/5/2016Sue-Jonnathane Celestin

Ming Cheng

Understanding how to incorporate single crystal BTO (111) on 6H-SiC (0001) for next-generation electric devices

Passive Gold Nanoparticle Delivery to Plaque-prone Blood Vessel Regions

9/30/2016Luting Liu

Hunter J. Sismaet

Atomic Layer Deposition Coatings on Ti Implants with Nanocrystalline TiO2 for Enhancing Osteoblast Functions and Reducing Bacteria Growth

Electrochemical Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Chronic Wounds

9/28/2016Taylor Carlson

Oljora Rezhdo

Impact of Lactoferrin and Lysozyme on Particle Diffusion and Microbial Transport in Mucus

Mechanistic model predicting the role of ingested lipids in oral drug dissolution

9/23/2016Adedokun Adedoyin
Proposal Defense
Magneto-Responsive, Bionanocomposite Hydrogels as Injectable Scaffolds for Osteochondral Tissue Regeneration
9/16/2016Deyang Li
Proposal Defense
Fabrication of Fe-Ni-Co Nanowires by Electrodeposition Coupled with Hydrogen Evolution Side Reactions

Spring 2016 Semester




4/15/2016John Klier
UMass Amherst
Applications of Polymer Self Assembly and Association
3/30/2016Scott Milner
Penn State
Semiconducting polymers for photovoltaics: theoretical challenges for molecular design
3/29/2016Steve Lustig
University of Delaware
Thermochemical Design for Chemical and Materials Engineering
3/25/2016Mrityunjay Singh
Ohio Aerospace Institute
Materials and Integration Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems
Received Distinguished Speaker Award
3/22/2016Jie Zheng
The University of Akron
Molecular Understanding of Amyloid Structures, Toxicity, and Inhibition
3/18/2016Jan Stegemann
University of Michigan
Biomaterials Science as Applied to Cell-based Therapies
Received Distinguished Speaker Award
2/29/2016Debra Auguste
The City College of New York
A GPS for Targeted Drug Delivery
2/26/2016Iaonnis Economou
Texas A&M University
Computational Chemical Engineering: From Molecules to Sustainable Chemical Processes and Advanced Materials Design

Fall 2015 Semester




10/30/2015Dr. Paul S. Weiss
University of California, Los Angeles
Cooperative Function in Atomically Precise Nanoscale Assemblies
Received Distinguished Speaker Award
10/16/2015Dr. Michael Strano
Plant Nanobionics
9/23/2015Dr. James Hamilton
Boston University
Noninvasive MR Imaging of Dangerous Atherosclerotic Plaques: How the Rabbit Beat the Mouse
Received Distinguished Speaker Award
9/16/2015Dr. David Marr
Colorado School of Mines
Applied Microscopic Forces for Biomedical Applications
9/11/2015Dr. James Hickman
University of Central Florida
Tissue Engineering of Functional Systems of Preclinical Drug Discovery
Received Distinguished Speaker Award
8/28/2015Dr. David Sholl
Georgia Institute of Technology
Using High Throughput Computation to Accelerate Development of Materials for Scalable Energy Technologies
Received Distinguished Speaker Award

Summer 2015 Semester




6/19/2015Dr. Nathaniel Finnery
Tianjin University (China)
6/10/2015Dr. Russell Carr
University of New Hampshire
Teasing Nonlinear Dynamics out of Microvascular Hemodynamics
6/3/2015Belete Legesse
Proposal Defense
Photoactive Rosette Nanotubes
5/29/2015Yiwen Fan
Proposal Defense
Synthesis and Characterization of Polyethylene Glycol-Grafted Rosette Nanotubes as Drug Delivery Vehicles
5/29/2015Arthur Gonzales
Proposal Defense
Multi-Scale Molecular Modeling of Rosette Nanotubes
5/27/2015Dr. Jane Lipson
Dartmouth University
Approaching the Glass Transition from Different Directions
5/19/2015Cheryl Vaughn
Boston Biomedical Innovation Center
B-BIC and the Skills Development Center
5/13/2015Dr. Gino DiLabio
University of British Columbia
Cool quantum effects revealed through mutagenesis & simulation studies of omithine 4,5-aminomutase

Spring 2015 Semester




5/6/2015Dr. Lakis Mountziaris
UMass Amherst
Synthesis, Functionalization and Biological Sensing Applications of ZnSe Nanocrystals
5/5/2015Ece Alpaslan
PhD Proposal Defense
5/1/2015Dr. Samantha A. Meenach
University of Rhode Island
Development of Particulates Capable of Penetrating Physiological Barriers & the In Vitro Systems Used for their Analysis
4/30/2015Stanley Chung
PhD Proposal Defense
Enhancing stem cell wound healing with nanofeatured scaffold
4/29/2015Mian Wang
PhD Proposal Defense
Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) Nanotechnology Technique for Biomedical Applications
4/29/2015Dr. Sadagopan Krishnan
Oklahoma State University
Clinical Biosensors and Bio-Electrocatalysis
4/29/2015Dr. Ericka Ford
North Carolina St. University
Engineered Surfaces and Interphases on Fiber Performance
4/28/2015Garima Bhardwaj
PhD Proposal Defense
Surface Modification of titanium implants to reduce infection and inflammation
4/27/2015Dr. Sidi A Bencherif
Harvard University
Injectable Sponge-like Scaffolds for Cancer Immunotherapy
4/24/2015Dr. Jamal Lewis
University of Florida
Pre-Clinical Development of a Biomaterial-based Microparticle Vaccine for Type 1 Diabetes Attenuation
4/21/2015Bowen Huo
MS Thesis Defense
Microfluidic Device for the Evaluation of Biofilm Removal under Shear Stress
4/17/2015Noreen Rizvi
PhD Dissertation Defense
4/16/2015Salem AlZahmi
PhD Dissertation Defense
Electrodeposition of CIGS/CZTS Components from Aqueous Electrolytes
4/15/2015Nina Bordeaux
PhD Dissertation Defense
Structure-magnetism correlations and chemical order/disorder transformations in ferrous L10-structured compounds
4/13/2015Sydney Shaw
MS Thesis Defense
4/3/2015Dr. Rong Tong
Development of Polymeric Particles for Cancer Nanomedicine
4/1/2015Dr. J. Matt Kinsella
McGill University (Canada)
Seeing Tumors: The Role of Advanced Materials in Oncology
Hosts: Christopher Hassan & Sanjin Hosic
Zelong Xie &

Junyan Zhang

Synthesis of Layered Metal Organic Frameworks for Carbon Dioxide Separation

Au nanoparticles for targeted photothermal destruction of inuenza

3/26/2015Dr. Usha Hemraz
National Research Council (Canada)
Engineered Functional Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
Host: Marissa Puzan
Ehsan Keyvani-SomehHigh-Rate Nanoimprinting of Photoactive Rosette Nanotube-Based Organic Solar Cells
Hosts: Zelong Xie, Junyan Zhang & Gino Karlo Delos Reyes
Di Shi,

Anh Phong Tran &

Miao Wang

Controlling Ferrofluids Permeabilities to Cross an in Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Model

Development of a methodology to characterize the electrodeposition of Ni-W alloys using EIS and IMPS techniques

In-product Anti-counterfeiting agrochemicals using phase change nanoparticles

3/18/2015Dr. Richard Register
Princeton University
Block Copolymer Thin Films: Structure, Shear Alignment, & Applications in Nanofabrication
3/17/2015Dr. Hendrik Heinz
University of Akron
Mechanisms of Molecular Recognition & Assembly at the Nanoscale: Computation Meets Experiment
3/13/2015Spring Break, No Class—-
3/11/2015Spring Break, No Class—-
Hosts: Di Shi, Anh Phong Tran & Miao Wang
Autumn Paro,

Meryem Pehlivaner &

Marissa Puzan

Nanoparticle Enhanced Radiation Therapy: Theoretical Calculation

In Situ Deposition of Hydrogels for Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Integration of Enteric Neurons into Intestinal Model Systems

3/4/2015Heather Mayes
Northwestern University
Break it down: Discovering the Secrets of Cellulosic Decomposition Reactions for Renewable Chemicals and Fuels
3/3/2015Dr. Erik Dreaden
Nanoscale Biomaterials for Rational Combination Therapies against Metastatic Solid Tumors
Hosts: Autumn Paro & Meryem Pehlivaner
Deyang Li &

Gujie Mi

Simulation of Anomalous Codeposition of Ni-Fe into Recesses

Increased cell functions using BMP-7 functionalized rosette nanotubes

2/26/2015Dr. Catherine Kuo
Tufts University
Engineering Embryonic Microenvironments to Guide Musculoskeletal Engineering & Regeneration
2/25/2015Robert Langer
Profiles in Innovation: Invention, Entrepreneurship, and Breakthroughs in Bioengineering
2/23/2015Dr. Guarav Giri
Controlling crystal growth for organic electronics and pharmaceutical applications
Hosts: Ehsan Keyvani-Someh, Deyang Li & Gujie Mi
Gino Karlo Delos Reyes,

Christopher Hassan &

Sanjin Ho

Present and Future Approaches to siRNA Delivery

Effect of Red Selenium Nanoparticles on Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Spatial, Single Cell Isolation from Intestinal Crypts

2/19/2015Dr. Ryan Koppes
Scalable, multifunctional fiber probes for optical neural interfaces and tissue regeneration
2/18/2015Dr. Mariah Hahn
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Bioactive Materials for Transitioning Cell Phenotypes with Chronic Vocal Fold Scar
Hosts: Noreen Rizvi & Salem Zahmi
Luting Liu &

Belete Legesse

Decreased Bacterial Activity on Nano-patterned PDMS Replica for Catheter-associated Infection Prevention

Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorescent Rosette Nanotubes

2/12/2015Dr. Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli
Engineering the Nanoparticle-Biology Interface for Biomedical Applications
2/11/2015Dr. Jonathan Parquette
Ohio State University
The Self-Assembly of Functional Nanostructures
2/4/2015Dr. Zachary Ulissi
Stochasitc Interactions and Molecular Recognition in Nanosensor Systems Based on Carbon Nanotubes
Hosts: Nina Bordeaux & Thaddaeus Webster
Hunter Sismaet &

Belinda Slakman

Up-Regulation of Quorum Sensing Molecules for Early Electrochemical Detection of Bacterial Pathogens

Extending Reaction Mechanism Generator (RMG) to Novel Chemical Systems

1/26/2015Dr. Dario Marrochelli
From First-Principles to Renewable Energy
Hosts: Hunter Sismaet & Belinda Slakman
Oljora Rezhdo &

Sydney Shaw

Effect of Food on the Behavior of Orally Administered Drugs

Investigating the regulation of the vindoline biosynthetic pathway in the Catharanthus roseus plant

Hosts: Oljora Rezhdo & Sydney Shaw
Mark Lalli &

Tanya Narahari

Greater sensitivity of collective migration during electrotaxis

Tunable Electrophoretic Separations Using a Scalable, Fabric-Based Platform

1/14/2015Dr. Qiaobing Xu
Tufts University
Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
1/12/2015Qi Wang
PhD Defense
Nanosized Selenium: A Novel Platform Technology to Prevent Bacterial Infections


Fall 2014 Semester




1pm, 220 Behrakis
Adedayo Catlett
PhD Defense
Induced Differentiation of Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells via Fluid Shear Stimulation
102 WVG
Dr. Klavs Jensen
Chemical and Biological Microfluidics-Advantages of going small
Hosts: Mark Lalli, Tanya Narahari
Christopher Cogswell &

Daniel Hickey

Novel Nanosheet Derivatives for Adsorbtion and Catalysis

Antibacterial MgO Nanomaterials to Enhance Orthopedic Tissue Integration

1:00pm, 342 CSC
Nil Tandogan &

Thaddaeus Webster

Size-Specific Microfluidic Devices to Capture Microorganisms from the Environment

Monitoring of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Toxins via Miniaturized Electrochemical Assemblies

1:30 pm, 348 CSC
Kanny ChangSelective Inhibition of Osteosarcoma Cell Functions Induced By Curcumin-Loaded Self-assembled Arginine-Rich-RGD Nanospheres
11/21/2014Dean AubryTown Hall Meeting
Hosts: Christopher Cogswell, Daniel Hickey
Taylor CarlsonImpact of Necrotizing Enterocolitis on the Barrier Properties of Intestinal Mucus
11/12/2014Dr. David Bishop
Boston University
Silicon Micro-Machines for Fun and Profit
11/7/2014Dr. Robert Howe
Harvard University
Heart Surgery Planning: From Imaging to Mechanics
Hosts: Taylor Carlson, Sue-Jonnathane Celestin
Fariba SeyedzadehProgress in Automated Modeling of Biofuels: Updating Reaction Families
Hosts: Negar Golshan
Daniel MilanoContact Inhibition of Locomotion in a Fibrillar-like Microenvironment
10/29/2014Negar Golshan
Proposal Defense
Understanding Electrically Active Interface Formation on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors through Molecular Beam Epitaxy: Integration of oriented Fe3O4 for next-generation spintronic devices
Hosts: Daniel Milano, Nil Tandogan
Dinara Andirova &

Avinash Kola

Synthesis of Layered Metal Organic Framework for Carbon Dioxide Separation

Application of Factorial Design to Determine Significant Parameters for Ni-W deposition

10/15/2014Hui JiangAmine-pillared Nanosheet Adsorbents for CO2 Capture Applications
10/10/2014Dr. Tequila Harris
Georgia Tech
Scaled Coating of Polymer Thin Films onto Permeable and Impermeable Substrates
10/8/2014Emily GongProliferative Signals in Gradients of Soluble Growth Factors
Hosts: Pegah Abadian, Emily Gong
Noreen Rizvi &

Salem Zahmi

An efficient method for genetic transformation of Catharanthus roseus hairy roots

Electrodeposition of CuSn with and without In

10/1/2014Dr. Courtney Pfluger
Northeastern University
PhD in Chemical Engineering with a Concentration in Technology-based Engineering Education
9/26/2014Dr. Susmita Bose
Washington State University
Calcium Phosphate Ceramics in Bone Tissue Engineering
9/24/2014ChE Faculty Research PresentationsList of Presenters
9/19/2014ChE Faculty Research PresentationsList of Presenters
9/12/2014Dr. Abigail KoppesIntroduction to the NSF Graduate Fellowship Program


Summer 2014 Semester




8/21/2014Dr. Felix Hol
Delft University of Technology/
Harvard University
Antibiotic-mediated Competition and Bacterial Biodiversity in Synthetic Ecosystems
8/13/2014Dr. Ed Luther
Northeastern University
Laser Interference Based Systems
8/6/2014Dr. Shanta Dhar
University of Georgia
Mitochondria-targeted Delivery Systems
8/1/2014Dr. Thomas Truskett
University of Texas at Austin
Assembling Nanoclusters in Water for Therapy or Imaging
7/23/2014Dr. Neha Kamat
Harvard University
Towards the Construction of Protocells: Designing Opticaly Responsive Membranes
7/15/2014Dr. Charles Monroe
University of Michigan
Resolving the Mechanisms that Control Lithium/Oxygen Battery Performance
6/27/2014SuPing Lyu
Products, Engineering, and Science
(Host: Thomas Webster)
Dr. Thomas Lars Andersen
Techincal University of Denmark
PET/CT Imaging as a Tool to Evaluate Tumor Accumulation and Efficiency of Nanoterapeutics
(Host: Thomas Webster)
Dr. Ken Littrell
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
The Use of Small-Angle Scattering to Probe Self-Assembly and Structural Changes in Soft-Matter, Synthesis, Catalytic Systems
6/6/2014Avinash KolaElectrodeposition of Ag Alloys with Ni and W from a Thiourea-Citrate Electrolyte
6/5/2014Hunter Sismaet
Proposal Defense
The Development and Optimization of Electrochemical Sensors to Study Bacterial Pathogens in the Hospital Setting
5/30/2014Adam HatchTBD
5/22/2014Luting Liu
Proposal Defense
Preparation of a Nano-patterned Polymer Replica for Reducing Catheter Associated Inflammation and Infection


Spring 2014 Semester




5/7/2014Tanya Narahari
Proposal Defense
Fabric Microfluidics for Low-Cost Separations and Analysis of Proteins in Complex Clinical Samples
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)
Dr. Behnaz Bozorgui
Columbia University
Simulation of Polymer-grafted Nanoparticles
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)
Dr. Yajie Dong
Harvard University
Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Information and Energy Technologies
4/28/2014Dinara Andirova
Proposal Defense
Nanoengineering of Metal Organic Frameworks for Applications in CO2 Capture,
Drug Delivery, and Electronic Devices
4/23/2014Sydney Shaw
Proposal Defense
Investigating the limiting steps and factors required for vindoline biosynthesis in Catharanthus roseus
(Host: Thomas Webster)
Dr. Jeetain Mittal
Lehigh University
Simulations of Biomolecular Assembly Processes at Interfaces
4/15/2014Mark Lalli
Proposal Defense
Targeting dynamic migratory response to electric fields to specifically segregate cancer cells
4/11/2014Christopher Cogswell
Proposal Defense
Layered Nanosheet Materials as Advanced Catalyst Systems
4/11/2014Belinda Slakman
Proposal Defense
Using Reaction Mechanism Generator (RMG) to study complex liquid-phase systems
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)
Weijie Lu
Air Force Research Laboratory
Oxygen Catalytic Growths and Multi-functionalities of CNTs and Graphene
4/7/2014Jencilin JohnstonMulti- branched gold nanoparticle for detection of epidermal growth factor receptors on the surface of esophageal epithelial cells using surface enhanced Raman scattering
(Host: Rebecca Carrier)
Dr. Mark Byrne
Auburn University
(Host: Thomas Webster)
Dr. Daniel K. Schwartz
University of Colorado Boulder
Single Molecule Tracking at Wet Interfaces
(Host: Thomas Webster)
Dr. Abigail Koppes
Manipulating the Neurological Microenvironment for Regenerative Medicine Applications
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)
Dr. John Zhanhu Guo
Lamar University
Magnetoresistive Nanocomposites for Electrochemical Energy Storage
(Host: Thomas Webster)
Dr. Amit Bandyopadhyay
Washington State University
Hard Materials and Manufacturing Processes Towards Repair and Reconstruction of Bone Disorders
3/21/2014Daniel Hickey
Proposal Defense
MgO Nanocomposites as Antibacterial Biomaterials for Orthopedic Tissue Engineering
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)
Dr. Gerassimos Orkoulas
Modeling, Simulation & Control of Batch Protein Crystallization Processes
(Host: Laura Lewis)
Dr. Michael J Aziz
Harvard University
Organic-Based Aqueous Flow Batteries for Massive Electrical Energy Storage
(Host: Thomas Webster)
Dr. Boris Yakobson
Rice University
From Material Substance to Shape to Property
3/14/2014Pegah Hosseinpour
Dissertation Defense
Structure–Magnetic Property Correlations in TiO2 Nanotube Arrays
(Host: Thomas Webster)
Dr. Nasim Annabi
Harvard University
Merging Microscale Technologies & Advanced Biomaterials for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)
Dr. Gang Wu
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Graphene Nanocomposite Catalysts for Sustainable Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion
3/7/2014Town Meeting with Prof. Tom Webster
(Host: Shashi Murthy)
Dr. Steven M. Cramer
Renssealer Polytechnic Institute
Understanding and Enhancing Selectivity in Multimodal Chromatography
(Host: Thomas Webster)
Dr. Yaakov Nahmias
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Development of Predictive Tools for Liver Toxicology: Micro-well Bioreactors and Pluripotent Stem Cells
2/26/2014Radhika Barua
Dissertation Defense
Pathways for tailoring the magnetostructural response of
FeRh-based compounds
(Host: Thomas Webster)
Dr. Alireza Abbaspourrad
Harvard University
Life is Better with Drops!
2/20/2014Alek Aksimentiev
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Reinventing a DNA Sequence Reader
(Host: TBD)
Dr. Narendra Maheshri
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Using Dynamical Measurements and Kinetic Models to Yield Biological Insights in Gene Regulation
Hosts: E. Alpaslan, G. Bhardwaj
Mahboobeh Rezaeeyazdi, Mian Wang;Metal Organic Frameworks as New Generation of Catalysts for Energy Conversion
2/11/2014Selena Di Maio
Dissertation Defense
Hosts: Mahboobeh Rezaeeyazdi, Mian Wang
Hui Jiang, Brian Lejeune;TBD
(Host: Prof. Adam Ekenseair)
Dr. Thomas M. Truskett
The University of Texas at Austin
Assembling Nanoclusters in Water for Therapy or Imaging
(Host: Prof. Hicham Fenniri)
Dr. Takeshi Yamazaki
University of Alberta and National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT), Canada
Multiscale Modeling of Nanomaterials in Solution
(Host: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)
Dr. André D. Taylor
Yale University
Synthesis and Assembly of High Performance Nanomaterials to Create Next-Generation Energy Conversion Devices
1/29/2014Hasan Yildiz
Dissertation Defense
(Co-hosted by MIE, ChE, and Physics)
Professor J.J. Hoyt
MCMaster University, Hamilton, ON
Particle Growth, Melting and Nucleation at the Nanoscale
Hosts: Hui Jiang, Brian Lejeune
Xiaohua Geng, Arthur Gonzales IIITBD
(Host: Arthur Gonzales III)
Yiwen FanNovel Applications of Rosette Nanotubes
(Host: Xiaohua Geng)
Stanley ChungElectrospinning Nanostructured Scaffolds for Skin Applications Using Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
(Host: Yiwen Fan)
Adedokun AdedoyinInjectable Scaffolds for Osteochondral Tissue Regeneration
(Host: Stanley Chung)
Ming ChengNanoparticle Approach to Inhibiting Endothelial Glycocalyx Dysfunction Related to Atherosclerosis
(Host: Adedokun Adedoyin)
Ece AlpaslanRosette Nanotube Coated Iron Oxide and Selenium Nanoparticles to Inhibit Bone Cancer Growth
(Host: Ming Cheng)
Garima BhardwajRosette Nanotube (RNT) and Nanophase Hydroxyapatite (HA) Composites for Orthopedic Applications


Fall 2013 Semester




(Host: Prof. Edgar Goluch)
Pegah N. Abadian
Proposal Defense (PhD)
Using Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi) to Study Biofilms and Biofouling
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Richard West)
Fariba Seiyedzadeh Khanshan
Proposal Defense (PhD)
Using Reaction Mechanism Generator (RMG) to Build Detailed Kinetic Model of Biofuels
(Host: Prof. Adam Ekenseair)
Dr. Srinivas Sridhar
Northeastern University
Nanoplatforms for Precision Medicine
(Host: Prof. Thomas J. Webster)
Dr. Arthur J. Coury
Member of the National Academy of Engineering
A Career in Medical Products During the Era of Biomaterials
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis)
Melissa Loving
Dissertation Defense (PhD)
Understanding the Magnetostructural Transformation in FeRh Thin Films
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)
Salem Zahmi
Proposal Defense (PhD)
Electrodeposition of CIGS/CZTS Components from Aqueous Electrolytes
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edgar Goluch)
Nil Tandogan
Proposal Defense (PhD)
Isolation and Study of Bacteria Using Physical Constrictions
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)
Shaopeng Sun
Dissertation Defense (PhD)
Induced Codeposition of Mo and W from Aqueous Electrolytes
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Richard West)
Pierre Bhoorasingh
Proposal Defense (PhD)
Automated kinetic parameter calculation via transition state theory for bimolecular reactions to develop a 2,5-dimethylfuran combustion mechanism
(Host: Prof. Thomas J. Webster)
Joint Sponsorship with ECE
Dr. Elias Manolakos
Harvard University
Computational Methods to Decipher the Dynamic Processes of Cells and Living Organisms
(Host: Prof. Thomas J. Webster)
Dr. Richard Gilbert
Northeastern University
Mapping Myoarchitecture and Mechanics with Magnetic Resonance Imaging
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)
Dr. Jeffrey S. Garanich
Director, The Sapphire Group LLC, New York
Managing Innovation in a Challenging Global Economic Environment
(Host: Prof. Adam Ekenseair)
Dr. Michael Rosenblatt
Executive VP & Chief Medical Officer, Merck
How Academia and the Pharmaceutical Industry Can Work Together
(Host: Prof. Adam Fenniri)
Dr. Ming Su
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Nano Medicine That Change Phases
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Thomas Webster)
George Aninwene, IILubricin & Nano-BaSO4: Novel Methods to Prevent Surface Biofouling
(Host: Belinda Slakman)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Thomas Webster
Luting LiuPreparation of a Nanopatterned Polymer Replica for Reduced Catheter Inflammation and Infection
(Host: Nina Bordeaux)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edgar Goluch
Thaddaeus WebsterElectrochemically Detecting P. aeruginosa Toxins in Relevant Biomedical Samples
(Host: Belinda Slakman)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis
Nina BordeauxTowards Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets:Thermomagnetic Behavior of Meteoritic Tetrataenite (L10 FeNi)
(Host: Prof. Thomas J. Webster)
Dr. Mark Burns
University of Michigan
Microfluidic Devices for Chemical and Particle Analysis
(Host: Prof. Edgar Goluch)
Dr. David Walt
Tufts University
Single Molecule Arrays: From Fundamental Enzymology to High Sensitivity Analysis
(Host: Prof. Carolyn Lee-Parsons)
Joint Sponsorship with NU
Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department
Dr. Wayne Curtis
The Pennsylvania State University
Chemical PLANTS and Production Platforms: Propagation to Protein Expression
(Host: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)
Dr. David Kazmer
University of Massachusetts Lowell
System Identification and Modeling of Capillary Melt Rheological Data
(Host: Prof. Hicham Fenniri)
Dr. John P. Nolan
La Jolla Bioengineering Institute
High Speed Single Cell Analysis


Spring 2013 Semester




(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Carolyn Lee-Parsons)
Noreen Rizvi
Proposal Defense (PhD)
(Host: Prof. Anand Asthagiri)
Prof. Shekhar Garde
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Water, Proteins, and Interfaces: A New Molecular Perspective
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)
Prof. Christopher Bettinger
Carnegie Mellon University
Reconfigurable Polymers and Interfaces as Next-Generation Biomaterials
(Host: Prof. Shashi Murthy)
Prof. Konstantinos Konstantopoulos
Johns Hopkins University
Cell Migration in Confined Spaces
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murthy)
Salem Zahmi
Proposal Defense (PhD)
(Host: Prof. Shashi Murthy)
Prof. Susan Daniel
Cornell University
Biomimetic Surfaces for Probing Virus-cell Interactions and Viral Entry Kinetics
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Asthagiri)
Dan Milano
Proposal Defense (PhD)
Engineering platforms to quantitatively measure contact inhibition of locomotion in a fibrillar ex vivo environment
(Host: Prof. Edgar Goluch)
Prof. David Dandy
Colorado State University
Engineering μFNs to do Quantitative Biology
(Host: Fariba Seyedzadeh Khanshan)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Asthagiri
Mark LalliGalvanotactic Segregation of Healthy and Cancerous Breast Cells
(Host: Avinash Kola)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Richard West
Belinda SlakmanUnderstanding Aerosol Chemistry Through Computational Modeling
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Asthagiri)
Emily Gong
Proposal Defense (PhD)
(Host: Mark Lalli)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Asthagiri
Daniel HickeyUsing nanotechnology to regenerate the enthesis
(Host: Belinda Slakman)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edgar Goluch
Hunter SismaetOptimization of Electrochemical Sensors to Study Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Hospital Environments
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis)
Josh Marion
Proposal Defense (PhD)
(Host: Daniel Hickey)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Katherine Ziemer
Sue-Jonnathane CelestinUtilizing Ultra-High Vacuum Technology for Engineering Materials & Surfaces
(Host: Huner Sismaet)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Katherine Ziemer
Negar Hamedani GolshanUHV Analysis Tools: Understanding Atomic-Level Mechanisms for Next-Generation Electronic Devices
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)
Dr. Li Xi
Dynamics of Polymer Solids and Fluids: Tales at Different Scales
(Host: Sue-Jonnathane Celestin)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sunho Choi
Christopher CogswellPillared Nanosheets for High Level Waste Management and Environmental Remediation in the Nuclear Fuel Industry
(Host: Negar Hamedani Golshan)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Rebecca Carrier
Olijora RezhdoEffect of Food on the Absorption of Orally Administered Drugs
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)
Dr. Wyatt Tenhaeff
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Solid State Electrolytes and Lignin-based Carbon Fibers for Safe and Inexpensive Lithium Batteries
(Host: Christopher Cogswell)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edgar Goluch
Pegah AbidinStudying bacterial behavior with Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi)
(Host: Olijora Rezhdo)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sunho Choi
Yu LeiFabrication of Nanotiles for thermal/electrical insulation coatings
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)
Dr. Kelly Schultz
University of Colorado at Boulder
Microrheological Characterization for Biological Applications and Soft Material Design
(Host: Yu Lei)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Carolyn Lee-Parsons
Sydney Shaw
(Host: Pegah Abidin)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shashi Murthy
Tanya NarahiriFabric as a Low-cost Microfluidics Platform for Medical Diagnostics
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)
Dr. Anita Shukla
Rice University
Designer Surfaces: From Treating Traumatic Injury to Applications in Regenerative Medicine
(Host: Tanya Narahiri)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Rebecca Carrier
Taylor CarlsonThe Physiological Environment’s Impact on Disease Progression Through the Mucosal Barrier
(Host:Sydney Shaw)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Thomas Webster
Luting LiuNano-technology Derived Catheter for Reduced Inflammation and Infection
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)
Dr. Adam EkenseairSynthetic Polymers as Injectable Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)
Dr. Ben Cosgrove
Stanford University
A More Youthful Self-renewal: Bioengineering Solutions to Rejuvenate Dysfunctional Muscle Stem Cells in Aging
(Host: Prof. Richard West)
Prof. Linda Broadbelt
Northwestern University
Designing Reaction Pathways to Novel Chemicals and Materials Using Kinetic Modeling
(Host: Taylor Carlson)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy
Avinash KolaHull Cell Study of Electrodeposited NiAgW Alloys
(Host: Luting Liu)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis
Pegah Mohammad HosseinpourStructural and Magnetic Tailoring of the TiO2 Nanoparticles via Fe-Incorporation
(Host: Pegah Mohammad Hosseinpour)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Richard West
Fariba Seyedzadeh KhanshanKinetic Modeling of Syngas Production From Bio-Oil Gasification
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)
Prof. Esmaiel Jabbari
University of South Carolina
Engineered Matrix to Study the Effect of Microenvironment on Maintenance of Cancer Stem Cells and Drug Response


Fall 2012 Semester




HOST: Prof. Shashi Murthy
Dr. Cullen R. BuieElectrophoretic Deposition of Nanoporous Surface Coatings with Extreme Wettability
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shashi Murthy)
Dwayne Vickers – PhD DefenseExtracellular and Intracellular Phenomena in Microfluidic Flow
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edgar Goluch)
Nil TandoganNano-Constriction Devices for Isolation and Cultivation of Environmental Microbes
HOST: Prof. Sunho Choi
Dr. Michael TsapatsisZeolite Nanosheets for Thin Film Applications and Hierarchical Zeolite Catalysts
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Richard West)
Pierre BhoorasinghAutomating Transition State Searches for Reaction Mechanism Generation
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Rebecca Carrier)
Hasan Yildiz – PhD DefenseFood-associated Stimuli Enhance Barrier Properties of Mucus
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Asthagiri)
Daniel MilanoContact Inhibition in Tumor Progression
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis)
Joshua MarionTowards rare-earth-free permanent magnetic materials – thermal evolution of magnetic and structural properties in nanostructured MnAl
HOST: Dr. Thomas Webster
Dr. Evan ScottAn Immunoengineering Approach to Vaccination: Tuning the Immune Response with Redox-Sensitive Nanoparticles
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis)
Radhika BaruaMatrix-induced strain effects on the magnetostructural response of Cu-embedded FeRh nanostructures
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shashi Murthy)
Adam HatchEfficacy and Versatility of Engineered Alginate Hydrogels Capture and Release of Endothelial Progenitor Cells
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth J. Podlaha-Murphy)
Shaopeng SunElectrodeposition and Induced Codeposition Behavior of NiMoW Alloys
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sunho Choi)
Dinara AndirovaNanoengineering of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Carbon Capture
HOST: Dr. Thomas Webster
Dr. Hicham FenniriSupramolecular Engineering of Nanoscale Materials for Nanomedicine
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Asthagiri)
Emily GongCell Proliferation in Gradients of Chemical Cues
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis )
Melissa LovingEffect of Size Reductions on the Magnetostructural Transition in FeRh Thin Films
HOST: Prof. Shashi Murthy
Dr. Lucas LandherrThe Friction and Adhesion of Polymeric Systems: The Characterization of Thin Brush Lubricants and Superhydrophobic Surface Interactions
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Rebecca Carrier)
Selena DiMaioModeling Impact of Ingested Lipids on Orally Delivered Drug Dissolution
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth J. Podlaha-Murphy)
Salem ZahmiElectrodeposition of Sn, In and Cu from Citrate Electrolytes, Part I. Electrolyte Characterization
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth J. Podlaha-Murphy)
Hana KimFabrication of Super Invar Micro- and Nano- Structures by Electrodeposition for Low Thermal Expansion Applications
HOST: Prof. Shashi Murthy
Dr. SJ Claire HurInertial Microfluidics: Label-free Cell Manipulation for Biomedical Research
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis)
Nina BordeauxTowards Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets: L10 FeNi (Tetrataenite)
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shashi Murthy)
Dwayne VickersDetermination of the Effect of Shear Stress on Hematopoiesis using two Shear Platforms
HOST: Dr. Thomas Webster
Dr. Eno EbongHemodynamics, Glycocalyx, and Endothelial Cell Function in Health and Atherosclerosis
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shashi Murthy)
Sean KevlahanEnteroid and enterosphere co-culture elicits vasculogeneic response
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edgar Goluch)
Thaddaeus A. WebsterDetermination of the Effect of Shear Stress on Hematopoiesis using two Shear Platforms


Summer 2012 Semester




8/22/2012Fulden BuyukozturkMechanistic Studies and Modeling of Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems for the Oral Delivery of Hydrophobic Compounds
6/1/2012Shaopeng SunInduced Codeposition of Mo and W from Aqueous Electrolytes


Spring 2012 Semester




4/25/2012Selena Di MaioMechanistic Studies and Modeling of Effects of Ingested Lipids on Oral Drug Absorption
4/25/2012Dr. Steven A. VitaleAdvanced Microelectronics Technology Development at MIT Lincoln Laboratory
4/20/2012Dinara AndirovaNanoengineering of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Carbon Capture
4/20/2012Pegah HosseinpourMagnetism-Processing Correlations in Anodized Titania Nanotubes
4/18/2012Nina BordeauxTowards Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets: The L10-type Structure in FeNi (Tetrataenite)
4/6/2012Noreen RizviTranscriptional Regulation of Alkaloid Biosynthesis in Catharanthus roseus Cultures
4/6/2012Nil TandoganNano-Constriction Devices for Isolation and Cultivation of Environmental Microbes
4/3/2012Adam HatchMicrofluidic Isolation of Endothelial Progenitor Cells for Vascular Tissue Engineering
3/30/2012Radhika BaruaUnderstanding the Magnetostructural Phase Transition Response: Effects of Nanostructuring
3/23/2012Pierre BhoorasinghPredictive Modeling for Catalyst Design
3/2/2012Dr. Vlado K. Lazarov
United Kingdom
Characterising the Nanoworld: TEM
2/24/2012Emily GongCell Proliferation in Gradients of Chemical Cues
2/24/2012Avinash KolaElectrodeposition Studies of AgNiW Alloys
2/22/2012Dr. Marco Dressler
ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
Production of bi-component fibers with advanced mechanical properties
2/17/2012Daniel MilanoQuantitative analysis of cell-cell interactions and contact-inhibition of movement of cancer cells
2/17/2012Mehdi ZamanpourFabrication of Novel Magnetic Nanostructures towards Efficient Power Generation
1/20/2012Sean H. KevlahanLabel-Free Microfluidic Isolation of Intestinal Stem and Progenitor Cells from Native Rat Tissue
1/20/2012Ha Na KimElectrodeposition of Super Invar alloy: effect of glycine


Fall 2011 Semester




12/9/2011Nina BordeauxTowards Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets: L10 Fe50Pd(50-x)Nix
12/9/2011Hasan M. YildizImpact of Food-associated Stimuli on Barrier Properties of Gastrointestinal Mucus to Bacteria Transport
12/2/2011Shaopeng SunElectrodeposition of Mo-rich, MoNi Alloys from an Aqueous Electrolyte
12/2/2011Dwayne VickersLectins: A Means of Stem Cell Identification via Flow Cytometry and Microfluidics
11/18/2011Pegah M. HosseinpourEffect of Iron Doping on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Titania Nanostructures
11/17/2011Professor LaShanda KorleyHierarchical Polymer Hybrids
11/16/2011Melissa LovingCharacterization and Kinetics of the Magnetostructural Phase Transition in FeRh Thin Films
11/4/2011Josh MarionTowards Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets: Fe-(CuMn) Nanocomposites
11/2/2011Professor Henrikas CesiulisA Spectrum of Electrochemical Studies in the Department of Physical Chemistry at Vilnius University
10/11/2011Bing SunIntegrating RHEED-TRAXS and Molecular Beam Epitaxy for Real-time Compositional Control of Functional Oxide Deposition Process
10/7/2011Fulden BuyukozturkMechanistic studies of self emulsifying drug delivery systems for the oral delivery of hydrophobic drugs: digestion kinetics and effect of formulation digestion on drug release
10/7/2011Melissa LovingPhase Transition Kinetics in FeRh Thin Films
9/30/2011Salena DiMaioMonitoring of Partitioning of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs during In Vitro Lipolysis by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
9/30/2011Salem ZahmiA Comparison of the Electrodeposition of Sn and In for Photovoltaic Components
9/26/2011Professor Arul JayaramanInter-kingdom signaling in the GI tract: There’s a lot of talking going on….
9/23/2011Adam HatchCapture and Release of Endothelial Progenitor Cells in a Microfluidic Channel
9/23/2011Thaddaeus A. WebsterElectrochemically Monitoring Single Cells with Nanofluidic Sensors
9/19/2011Professor LaShanda KorleyMechanically-Tunable Materials Inspired from Nature


Summer 2011 Semester




8/18/2011Lütfiye KurtProduction of Biodiesel from the Microalgae Chlorella vulgaris
8/15/2011Tetiana BairachnaElectrodeposition of NiW, NiWMo and NiMo Alloy Thin Films and NiW Nanowires
8/1/2011Dr. Yaakov NahmiasMicroliver Technologies: Design and Application of Metabolic Programming
7/12/2011Dwayne VickersExtracellular and Intracellular Phenomena in Microfluidic Flow
6/24/2011Radhika BaruaMagnetic Signature of Symmetry Reduction in Epitaxial La0.67 Sr0.33 MnO3 Films
6/3/2011Dr. Christopher MarrowsCurrent Driven Domain Wall Motion
6/1/2011Dr. Richard WestMultiscale, Multiphysics Modeling of a Complex Chemical Engineering System


Spring 2011 Semester




4/27/2011Dr. Bilal M. El-ZahabNanotechnology and The Challenges of The New Decade: Energy, Health, and The Environment
4/20/2011Dr. Sunho ChoiEngineering Nanostructured Materials for Clean Energy
4/19/2011Professor Christian M. WetzelSolid-State Lighting – Energy Efficient Lighting with Group-III Nitride Semiconductors
4/11/2011Dr. Hao ChengRegenerative Medicine: From Synthetic Polymeric Scaffolds to Engineered Stem Cells
4/6/2011Dr. Mark J. UlineLipid Layers: From Fundamentals to Biosensor Applications
3/30/2011Professor Rodney S. RuoffGraphene-based Materials, Energy, and Sustainability
3/17/2011Professor Gregory N. ParsonsThin Film Atomic Layer Deposition: Surface Reactions and Applications in Solar Energy Conversion
2/22/2011Professor Rina TannenbaumHierarchical Nanostructures and Their Potential Bio-Applications