Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University! We offer degree programs at all levels with a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering. Our undergraduate and graduate programs are internationally renowned for high-quality classroom-based education in conjunction with practical work experience. Northeastern’s Department of Chemical Engineering trains our students to be active participants in engineering for society and leaders for our evolving world.

Our top-rated (and one of the nation’s largest) cooperative education (co-op) program plays an important role in our success. Chemical Engineering placed students in co-op positions, spanning the areas of consumer products, plastics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, alternative energy, and petrochemicals, both domestically and internationally. More recently, our graduate students are placed in top companies such as Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Waters, Pfizer, and Sanofi, to apply their research training to consumer and healthcare products. These opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to gain experience during their education is invaluable for skill building, scholarship, and future career achievements.

Our department scholarship is focused on using chemical, biochemical, and materials engineering principles to improve human health and preserve our environment. These broad areas of study provide a wealth of opportunity for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral trainees to have an impact on sustaining our planet, advancing renewable energy, providing quality healthcare, and developing green chemistry for industry. As of fall 2023 we have 513 students in our department. To support these new trainees, we have hired a highly accomplished and diverse faculty. Our faculty are recognized for their research and educational impact through Young Investigator and Trailblazer awards, American Society for Engineering Education awards, and National Science Foundation CAREER awards and are Fellows of a variety of professional organizations.

Our department has received $15 million in research funding during 2021-2023. It is clear that our impact in chemical engineering education and research is poised for continual growth in the years ahead.

I invite you to explore all of the many aspects of our Department of Chemical Engineering through the website, and visit or contact us for more information.