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Research and technology brings innovation to chemical engineering. From growing new cartilage cells to help osteoarthritus, to improving drug delivery for cancer patients, chemical engineering offers new solutions to some of our greatest societal challenges.

Spotlight Stories

Ada Vernet
PhD, Chemical Engineering

1st-year Chemical Engineering PhD student Ada Vernet received an award for the Best Oral Presentation at the 3rd Baltic...

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Liyutha Al Ismaili
BS, Chemical Engineering 2020

She received the Undergraduate Early Research and Creative Endeavors Award. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships grants this...

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NSF CAREER Award to Fight Cancer

Sidi Bencherif, assistant professor of chemical engineering, recently received a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation to develop biomaterials that generate oxygen. These materials could help researchers understand how low oxygen environments affect the immune system and potentially be used to supply oxygen to help train immune cells to fight cancer.

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NSF CAREER Award to Address Cardiovascular Disease

Eno Ebong, assistant professor of chemical engineering, recently received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award. She and her team are studying endothelial cells that line blood vessels to better understand how the blood flow environment and stiffness of the underlying tissue contribute to cardiovascular disease risk.

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Engineering in Action

World-Renowned Cooperative Education

Bradley Priem, BS, chemical engineering, had two co-ops that gave him the ability to delve into a particular industry. At Synlogic he was a bioanalytical chemist and bacterial engineer creating e-coli strains, and at bluebird bio he was an upstream process development engineer for gene production. He now knows he wants to go into the biotech industry and is interested in graduate school too.

Global Research Co-op

Taylor Wilde, BS chemical engineering student, worked in a research lab at École Normale Supérieure, a university in Paris. Wilde collaborated with a postdoctoral researcher to create nanomaterials using a chemical vapor deposition, or CVD, furnace. It helped him land his third co-op at GVD Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where worked again with a CVD furnace. Ultimately, Wilde wants to work in renewable energy and contribute to the efforts across the globe to lower society’s carbon footprint.

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Recent News

bajpayee looking at a vial in her lab

Developing an Oral Time Released Drug Delivery System that Lasts a Month

BioE Assistant Professor Ambika Bajpayee is developing a drug delivery system that can remain in the stomach for weeks releasing medication slowly over the course of a month.

andrew jones

Andrew Jones Receives Mutual Mentoring Advancement Program Award

ChE Assistant Professor Andrew Jones has received a Mutual Mentoring Advancement Program (M2AP) award for 2019-2020 to develop “An agile management team in systems and environmental research.”

ChE Assistant Professor Sidi Bencherif on stage giving a talk at the 2019 World Young Scientist Summit in Wenzhou, China (Oct. 26-27).

Bencherif Delivered Keynote Lecture at the 2019 World Young Scientist Summit

ChE Assistant Professor Sidi Bencherif was invited to give a keynote lecture at the symposium: Opportunities and Challenges in Biomaterials Research in Wenzhou, China

ChE Students Chris Meehan and Michael Parrish win Northeastern’s PEAK Ascent Award

ChE undergraduate student Chris Meehan and BioE undergraduate student Michael Parrish were awarded Northeastern’s PEAK Ascent awards.