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A Distinctive Approach to Education and Research

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers undergraduate Bachelor of Science and Accelerated Master’s Degree programs, and Minors, as well as graduate Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programs.  Graduate certificates are also available that can be taken in addition to or in combination with a graduate degree program or as a pathway toward a master’s degree.

Northeastern offers rigorous yet flexible academic programs combined with experiential learning opportunities including project-based learning, research, and cooperative education, as well as global experiences to prepare our students for the complexity of the ever-changing engineering environment and make an impact on society and the world.

PhD Student Research Published

As a chemical engineer and member of Professor Ekenseair's lab, PhD student Meryem Pehlivaner develops innovative materials for a variety of applications, including biomedical, environmental, and industrial. She worked on a project where she created an electrode with an interdisciplinary team from Cornell University. This cutting-edge research led to a story in R&D Magazine, titled “Bacteria-Coated Nanofiber Electrodes Digest Pollutants.”

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Student Awarded Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor Award.

Caroline Ghio was awarded Northeastern's Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor Award. As a first year student, she volunteered in Associate Professor Abigail Koppes’ Advanced Biomaterials for Neuroengineering Laboratory (ABNEL) and worked with PhD student Marissa Puzan on her research studying the connection between the small intestine (or gut) and the brain and the development of neurogastrointestinal conditions.

student in blue lab coat poses in lab with lab materials in background