Available Research Services and Equipment

Please contact the indicated faculty for more information.
Equipment – In alpha order – Some equipment have multiple experts that you can call upon.

Research Services – In alpha order

  • Battery & fuel cell assessment:
    • Testing at synchrotron facilities such as APS and NSLS-II – Joshua Gallaway
    • Fabrication and characterization of electrochemical systems – Joshua Gallaway
  • Biochemical & biopharmaceutical assessment:
  • Biomaterials in vitro and in vivo assessment
  • Drug Delivery Research – Rebecca Carrier
    • Study and develop algorithms to predict the impact of lipids and food on drug absorption.
    • Study transport (particles, microbes, drug carriers, molecules) across mucus layers, employing particle tracking techniques and fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP).
    • Develop advanced “gut on a chip” models.
    • Study cell behaviors (3d cell migration in hydrogels, survival, differentiation) related to retinal regeneration in response to different biomaterial environments.
  • Computational Modeling
    • Kinetic modeling, chemical kinetics, computational chemistry (including heterogeneous catalysis, reactor modeling, pathway analysis) Richard West
    • Machine Learning and AI, especially for molecular property and reaction prediction – Richard West
    • Molecular modeling of mixtures and interfacial systems, and process simulation of chemical processes – Francisco Hung
  • Materials fabrication and characterization: