Mitra Receives Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Teaching

Chemical engineering graduate student Ronodeep Mitra, PhD’23, is the recipient of a 2023 Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Teaching, which recognizes those that have demonstrated an exceptional ability to communicate ideas and concepts in the classroom and a talent for inspiring students.

Mitra has served as a teacher and mentor in various contexts while conducting PhD dissertation-level chemical engineering research to develop new therapies and to optimize diagnostic techniques to mitigate cardiovascular disease. As a first-year doctoral student, he served as a teaching assistant for the Department of Chemical Engineering. This experience started him on an incredible journey as a teacher of undergraduate and Master of Science students in a lab-based setting. Mitra became an excellent teacher and mentor of a student research team. Mitra has been the safety officer for a lab, providing training and oversight to ensure that every lab member and guest is properly and safely working in the lab.

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