2023 Capstone Projects

Our engineering departments hosted a series of poster sessions and presentations featuring capstone projects completed by our engineering seniors.

Bioengineering Capstone

1st Place – “Optimized Cooling Cap for Reducing Chemotherapy Induced Alopecia”
Brendan L’Esperance, Victoria Izsa, Anna Pocquette, Julia Kautz, Evan Lens, and Nikola Kapor (not pictured)

Chemical Engineering Capstone

ChE Poster Session

ChE Presentations

Civil and Environmental Engineering Capstone

CEE Poster Session

CEE Presentations

Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone

1st Place – “Best In Kard Entertainment (BIKE)”
Christopher Swagler, Tyler Passerine, Connor Nelson, Sharwin Patil, Adin Moses, and Jackson Heun

1st Place – “Modular Accessible Controller System (MACS)”
Liam Kennedy, Natalie Potapov, Jarrett Anderson, Michael McCooey, Yuyang Zhou, William Eric Freeman

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Capstone

MIE Poster Session

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