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Debra Auguste

Chemical Engineering

Bioresponsive drug delivery; cell and tissue engineering; tissue architecture; targeted therapeutics

Sidi A. Bencherif

Assistant Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

Polymer chemistry and characterization, new approaches to biomaterials design, injectable 3D polymer scaffolds, tissue engineering (e.g. liver, skin), controlled delivery of drugs/cells, biomaterial-based cancer immunotherapies.

Arthur J. Coury

University Distinguished Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

Polymeric biomaterials for medical products such as implantable electronic devices, hydrogel-based devices and drug delivery systems

Matthew J. Eckelman

Associate Professor, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering and sustainability; life cycle assessment; energy efficiency and emissions modeling; environmental assessment of bio and nanomaterials; material and energy use in urban buildings and infrastructure

Adam Ekenseair

Associate Teaching Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

synthesis and application of novel polymeric biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Hicham Fenniri

Chemical Engineering

Nanomaterials science and engineering, supramolecular chemistry, theranostics, targeted drug delivery, sensors

Joshua Gallaway

DiPietro Assistant Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

electrochemical engineering, batteries and energy storage, energy sustainability

Andrew Gouldstone

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Biomechanics, material science, engineering mechanics

Vincent G. Harris

University Distinguished Professor and William Lincoln Smith Chair Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Design and processing of advanced materials with emphasis on high frequency device applications for radar, communication, and sensing

Sara M. Hashmi

Assistant Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

Complex fluids, biomaterials & soft materials: manipulation of nanoscale and single-particle properties to control macroscale transport & assembly; microfluidics for biomedical, pharmaceutical & energy applications

Francisco Hung

Associate Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

Molecular modeling of interfacial and solvated systems relevant to materials, manufacturing, energy and the environment

Andrew Jones

Assistant Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

Systems engineering approaches to understand the impact of engineered and environmental stresses on bacteria life cycles with applications in health, ecology, water, and wastewater treatment.

Laura H. Lewis

Distinguished University and Cabot Professor, 
jointly appointed in Chemical Engineering & Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Structure-property relationships in magnetofunctional materials for energy transformations including advanced permanent magnet materials and magnetocaloric materials; strategic materials for technological application

Steve Lustig

Associate Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

design and manipulation of molecular/materials chemistry and structure for new property discovery, new functionality and technology development by combining theoretical and experimental methods; high performance computing, quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics, polymer physics, materials and biomolecular engineering

Mrityunjay Singh

Affiliated Faculty, 
Chemical Engineering

Aerospace materials, alternative and renewable energy materials and systems, energy storage and thermal management, bioinspired materials, additive manufacturing, advanced ceramics and composites

Ming Su

Professor & Associate Chair of International Collaborations, 
Chemical Engineering

phase change nanoparticles, nanomedicines, biomarker detections, nanoparticle-enhanced radiation therapy, heat transfer, covert barcodes, nano enhanced process

Thomas J. Webster

Professor, Art Zafiropoulo Chair in Engineering, 
Chemical Engineering

design, synthesis, and evaluation of nanomaterials for various medical applications, including self-assembled chemistries, nanoparticles, nanotubes, and nanostructured surfaces

Richard West

Associate Professor & Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, 
Chemical Engineering

development of detailed microkinetic models for complex reacting systems; automating the discovery and calculation of reaction pathways; heterogeneous catalysis

Ronald J. Willey

Professor & Vice Chair, 
Chemical Engineering

Process safety and catalysis (industrial)