Engineering Education & Pedagogy

Faculty engage in studying the development and delivery of engineering content, improving the accessibility and inclusion of chemical engineering.

As a student of chemical engineering at Northeastern University who wants to focus on engineering education & pedagogy, you will interact with a multidisciplinary group of our faculty who are at the forefront of inclusive teaching and developing new pedagogical tools for improved student learning, including:

  • Cartoons for inclusive learning of core engineering topics.
  • Global education through directed immersive study abroad is tied to global grand engineering challenges.
  • Virtual reality incorporates remote and online materials characterization and testing, data collection and analysis, and instrument learning and operation.

Examples of research of faculty in their labs being conducted in this research area are highlighted below. Also, view all faculty associated with this research area.

Lucas Landherr
Teaching Professor

Science The World finds ways to improve STEM education at all levels.

Rebecca Willits
Professor and Chairperson

Materials for Tissue Engineering manipulates the extracellular environment to increase neural differentiation, nerve regrowth, and Schwann cell proliferation in vitro and increase functional nerve recovery in vivo.