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Jacob Walker

Associate Co-op Coordinator & Assistant Director, 
Cooperative Education

Meni Wanunu

jointly appointed in Physics & Bioengineering

Our group investigates biomolecules at the single-molecule level. We develop nanopore-based and other nanotechnology-based methods for probing the structure and dynamic behavior of biomolecules. We employ optical waveguides and single-molecule enzymatic approaches for RNA sequencing, and utilize engineered nanopore sensors for applications in single-molecule proteomics. We are experimentalists, but we also use advanced computational tools to perform big data analysis.
Jing-Ke Weng

Jing-Ke Weng

jointly appointed in Chemistry & Chemical Biology & Bioengineering

Natural product biochemistry, plant abiotic and biotic interactions, carbon sequestration, agricultural biotechnology, food allergy, drug discovery

Richard West

Associate Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

Development of detailed microkinetic models for complex reacting systems; automating the discovery and calculation of reaction pathways; heterogeneous catalysis
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Michelle Weth

Marketing, Communications and Events Coordinator, 
Chemical Engineering

Ronald Willey

Ronald J. Willey

Professor Emeritus, 
Chemical Engineering

Process safety education High pressure chemical processes
Rebecca Willits

Rebecca Willits

Professor and Chairperson, 
Chemical Engineering

Mechanobiology of neural systems; Systems for nerve regeneration; Diversity and equity in engineering

Benjamin Woolston

Assistant Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology for sustainable biochemical production and human health