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Apr 07, 2009

AIChE group promoting engineering to K-12

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) group is reaching out to young students to help them connect with science and engineering programs in their areas.

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Mar 30, 2009

AIChE Group Tests Their Knowledge

The AIChE student group created their own version of the TV series "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" but they were testing themselves against freshman engineering knowledge.

Chemical Engineering

Feb 20, 2009

Northeastern to co-lead workshop on Advanced Magnetic Materials and their Applications with India

Laura H Lewis, Cabot Professor and chair of Chemical Engineering, Vincent G. Harris, William Lincoln Smith Chair and director of the CM3IC, and research scientist Dr. C.N. Chinnasamy, will co-lead a joint Indo-US “Conference on New Directions and Novel Applications in Magnetism” at the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IITB), March 1 – 4, 2009.

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Feb 18, 2009

Article by Prof. Shashi Murthy featured in Macromolecules

Incorporation of Linear Spacer Molecules in Vapor-Deposited Silicone Polymer Thin Films

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Jan 02, 2009

Congratulations to Roni Mittelman and Dilber Gamsiz

Roni Mittelman, an Electrical Engineering PhD student and Dilber Gamsiz, a Chemical Engineering PhD student, are recipients of the Dissertation Writing Fellowships for the 2009 Spring Semester. The award is sponsored by the Office of the Provost and offers financial support to Ph.D. candidates so they may spend their final semester writing.

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Dec 17, 2008

Chemical Engineering Graduate Students to Participate in International Exchange

ChE Ph.D. students Courtney Pfluger and Mariam Ismail have been invited by the The Younger Chemists Committee of the American Chemical Society Northeastern Section (NESACS) and the NESACS Education Committee to participate in an educational exchange program to take place in Essen, Germany, on March 8-15, 2009, as guests of the Jungchemikerforum (Young Chemists Committee, JCF) of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (German Chemical Society, GDCh).

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Oct 22, 2008

Leo M. Falicov Student Award Winner

Zhuhua Cai, a Chemical Engineering PhD student, received The Leo M. Falicov Student Award from the Magnetic Interfaces & Nanostructures Division at the National AVS meeting for her presentation on MBE Integration of BaM on Wide Bandgap 6H-SiC.  Congratulations to Zhuhua Cai, recipient of the Leo M. Falicov Student Award at the National AVS Meeting for her presentation on […]

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Oct 03, 2008

Congratulations Kelly Trowbridge

Kelly Trowbridge, class of 2009, has been selected as one of the recipient's of this year's AIChE Donald F. and Mildred Topp Othmer National Scholarship Award. Each year, Donald F. & Mildred Topp Othmer Scholarship Awards fifteen AIChE student members a scholarship of $1000. Awards are presented on the basis of academic achievement and involvement in student […]

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