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ChE Communication Lab

The Comm Lab offers on-line workshops and peer-to-peer coaching for graduate-level writing and communication tasks for course work and for research.  ​The Comm Lab is now offering office hours on-line Tuesdays 2:30pm-4:30pm (ET) and Thursdays-1:00pm-3:00pm (ET). No appointment is necessary! Join us to ask about tips and tools you might need for your writing and communication tasks.  Check your e-mail for the office hours link or contact our Program Coordinator, Tracy Carter ( for more details.

The Comm Lab brings a discipline-specific perspective to assist you with the task at hand—whether you’re working on a manuscript, poster, presentation, or other projects.

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ChE Comm Lab Fellows

David Farina David Farina is a 3rd year PhD student working in Professor Richard West’s Lab. His research in quantum chemistry and computational chemical kinetics focuses on the automated generation and analysis of reaction mechanisms for the combustion of halocarbon refrigerants and flame-suppressants. He has presented talks and posters at scientific conferences including the National Combustion conference and AICHE regional meeting. Before joining the CommLab in the summer of 2019, David mentored students in STEM courses and reviewed submitted manuscripts for scientific journals.
Zachary Rogers Zachary Rogers is a 2nd year PhD student under Prof. Sidi Bencherif in the Laboratory for Advanced and Multifunctional Polymeric (LAMP) Biomaterials. His research is focused on developing biomaterial-based drug delivery systems that modulate the immune system for the treatment of cancer and auto-immune diseases. He has several years’ experience developing and scaling-up biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. He has also contributed to several papers in the biomaterial field.