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Undergraduate Research Needs

Joshua Gallaway

I am trying to come up with a way to fund a small battery cycler or potentiostat for undergrad use only. It will be used for the lab in CHME 5621 and also for capstone groups. (These currently use my lab facilities.) The cost would be about $10-15K. I have discussed it with some foundations, but they do not allow the purchase of capital equipment.

Undergraduate Unit Operations Laboratory

In order of increasing needs

$1,000 increments: – Transducer upgrades. Many of the thermocouples, pressure transducers, and flow meters are now 30 years old. The flow meter especially needs replacement. Donations pegged to transducer replacement will be help.

$5,000: – Undergraduate (Junior and Senior) TA support

This amount would support two undergraduate students to each work 10 hours a week as teaching assistants in the UO Lab. The undergrad TAs would be trained, interact and encourage students in the courses, develop teaching skills, and work in two separate sections of lab per week. This would be a tremendous help for the weekly operation of the UO Lab – not only would it fund two students to be able to help all students taking the course, but the undergrad TAs would themselves learn as well.

$20,000: – funding to support the installation of remote sensors that use Bluetooth and wifi technology. Introduces students to the latest instrumentation that is moving onto the market.

$30,000: – Anton Paar Density meter: DMA 4500 M

$50,000: – LabVIEW upgrade and improvements on all laboratory computers for data recording and analysis

$100,000: – UO Laboratory enhancement – analytical equipment add-on a liquid chromatograph (LC) to be used in conjunction with the gas stripper.

$100,000: – Process Control Laboratory enhancement –add-on -Process control systems: allowing for automated control and measurement to be implemented with several laboratory modules. Probably will be a new laboratory course – say an elective – CHME 4320 – directed to students who want to specialize in process control.

$20,000 to $350,000: – self-contained skids – commercial teaching modules are available for fluid mechanics, pumping, drying, continuous distillation, evaporation, fluidized bed reactors, and stirred tank reactors others. These are manufactured by P.A.Hilton and others.

This would be a specific module that could be rolled in and out of the lab, and potentially be made available as an in-class demonstration for other courses. This is similar to the Liquid-Liquid Extraction skid that we currently have. Of particular note – this assumes no installation cost, as it would be a mobile module.